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Who do you like more? Batman or Superman? Why?

Can I embed videos inside a question or answer?

Does Quosera have all the features of Quora?

It is ok

Could humans and dinosaurs co-exist?

Is this script seo friendly and can answers be picked up through search engine?

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I can help your website rank #1 in Google!

Yes. Here is the proof.

  1. Visit
  2. In search bar, type This will return a list of pages indexed by Google from Quosera demo website.
  3. Currently there are around 300+ pages indexed on Google from demo website which include topics, questions and user profiles.

What is Quosera?

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I know everything there is to know about it!

@Admin, can you answer this question?

How can you lift an Elephant with just one hand?

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What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

tony tacos
I am a business man.

A towel.



another picture.



Another pic.



What if Ned Stark was still alive?

Is this website real?

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I know everything there is to know about it!

As real as it can get. But if you mean if this is a live Q&A website like Quora then no, it's just a demo of Quosera Q&A PHP Script.

Having said that, our site does has many interesting questions and answers.


Is it legal to use this kind of clone script? Quaora may sue us?

How can Quora sue us? 

This script is inspired by Quora and Quora have copyright only not inspiration right.

I think no part of software has been copied from Quora. 

Do author of question get notification when it is answered

Is Quosera considering to become Open-Source and become another Wordpress?

yes. and actually its a good idea.


I don't know I don't care.

Does god really exist?

What's the difference that makes a difference ?

Does Quosera give separate link to answers?

Yes, it does. As an example, here is the separate link to this answer itself -

Who will win the world Cup cricket?

When will windows 11 come out?

Who cares?

Can I select a best answer?

Let's see it appears not