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Warum wird Dubai als künstliche Stadt bezeichnet?

was geht hier


Any web developer is here?


Yes ,I am here


How was God created

This is my favorite answer

Test question 2

This is a test question


how do I delete my own post?

how to add images to my questions

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how to add category while asking questions?

how to add category while asking questions?

how to ask

What is fee of using this service

I think Question2Answer should not allow anonymous people. Many of them spammers and if someone really want help they should put little effort to get register once.

Since few days there are many anonymous asker asking no related question like spam....


do you have mobile app also ?

Can i transfer to other domain name after buing.

Can i upload videos into this site? like quora video answers?

You can embed videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo etc by copy pasting their URL (as shown below). However it's not possible to upload videos directly on Quosera itself.


what is the best real estate deal in Amaravati?

I don’t know